As 2017 Easter festivities grip the broader population, winemakers of the Goulburn valley will be firmly focused on closing out the harvest of this year’s crop.

Similar to many agricultural pursuits, the wine industry too has witnessed a delayed onset of harvest this season. Cool and largely wet conditions throughout Spring resulted in most areas tracking up to a month later than recent norms. Although a considerable amount of fruit is yet to be harvested, early results are pointing to wines with ample fruit character and bright natural acidity.

In terms of standout performers, aromatic white varieties, such as Riesling, have seemingly benefited greatly from the extended ripening period with lifted floral impact and fresh zesty acidity a feature.

For those with a penchant for reds, early parcels of Shiraz from Heathcote and the Nagambie region are displaying exceptional colour, flavour and overall balance, and will no doubt provide great value for consumers when they are eventually released.