The Essence Of Limerick Lane

The Limerick Lane Vineyard is situated approximately 3km south east of the Mitchelton Estate on the junction of the Goulburn River and Hughes Creek. The 4 Ha vineyard forms part of the Ryan Family’s Thoroughbred breeding property of the same name.

In 2001, Gerry Ryan selected Shiraz to be grown on a select parcel of burnt-red alluvial loam soils adjacent to an ancient anabranch of  the Goulburn River. The vines were planted in a north-south row orientation on a gently sloping, well-drained southerly aspect producing vines of moderate vigor and yields allowing for optimum  flavour development. Despite the vineyard’s relative youth, the site, varietal and clonal selection are already proving to be an ideal viticultural combination producing consistent shiraz with trademarks of lifted violet aromatics with an appealing, elegant and approachable tannin structure.

This ‘satellite’ vineyard in the Nagambie Lakes Sub Region plays an integral role in Mitchelton’s sourcing program as it produces fruit with complimentary characters to the rich, fruit-driven  primary characters exemplified by the Shiraz plantings on the nearby Mitchelton Estate.